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December 20, 2013
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Leemon (2) by ibeunicornx3 Leemon (2) by ibeunicornx3
Im sorry I haven't been uploading drawings! I'm starting Winter Break tomorrow, so excited I haven't been uploading because there were a lot of tests and I moved to a bigger house so yeah, I was very busy. I'm also trying to get good grades, I don't know what I should get as a "reward" for getting good grades but I just feel so accomplished by getting good grades. Wow, I said good grades a lot. Unrelated picture, its a lemon, yep. I don't own the picture. SO, during Winter Break I have to practice this new piano song, read this book called "Divergent" and write a S.E.E on it for Language Arts. And you know, HAVE FUN! That's really all I have to do, I'm glad I don't get a lot of homework. I remember in elementary I use to get those huge packets, memories.. What I'm gonna do on the computer is I have to do 2 more collab parts for this fmv collab and finish my amv collab part AND do a new drawing. I didn't even post anything on youtube. I gotta post more. Anyways, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I'll be back probably. (that's right I said PROBABLY) dun dun dunn
cassicolaxP Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
happeh hollidays! and im amazed with all your doin O.o i do almost nothing xD oh and do you know how to upload videos to youtube?my imovie isn't working and ihave so many videos ive made that i need to upload ( damn you imovie D: ) if you have time please helppp mee xD and i hope youll be back :D oh and wuts with the lemon? not that i'm sayin lemons are bad or anythin, its just kind of random :3 MERRY XMAS/ HANNIKAH/ HOLIDAYS/ WUTEVA CHU CELEBRATE  Patrick (Santa)  
ibeunicornx3 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
Happy holidays!! late replyyy oops sowwy.  hmm try putting the imovie videos into another program then save it then upload it on youtube orrr check if you have any virus.. idk.. 
cassicolaxP Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
trololol i late reply all the time, and okii :) thank chu for advice ( i kinda suck at computers stuff, unless its an art program xD )
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